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Why Wear Fashion Jewelry?

So what are the advantages to wearing My Linh fashion jewelry?

What is Electroplating?

What is Rhodium?

What is .925 Sterling Silver?

Can I wear my item while washing my hands (In the shower, etc.)?

Will my finger turn green from these rings?

What are the differences between gold karats, diamond carats, and CZ carats?

What is Cubic Zirconia?

Do your rings come in half sizes?

Why do you offer nickel-free jewelry?


Why Wear Fashion Jewelry?        Back to the Top

At My Linh Jewelry we understand the many reasons why our customers, some who could easily pay for more pricey pieces, choose to acquire our high quality fashion jewelry.


So what are the advantages to wearing My Linh fashion jewelry?

Traveling with our pieces provide a comforting and secure feeling knowing you don't have to worry about misplacing your jewelry or losing it while away from home.

Sometimes jewelry is not just an asset but a fashion accessory meant to be worn and enjoyed.  If you become uninterested with a piece after several years, you can put it away or give it to a loved one without the feeling that you've loss small fortune.

You don't have to be concerned about purchasing expensive insurance for our jewelry; you can have the pleasure of guilt-free instant gratification.

Dressing in the latest trends won’t cost a fortune with My Linh Jewelry.  Trying to keep up with the latest “it” items and jewelry worn by your favorite celebrities and fashion icons can get expensive.  With My Linh Jewelry you can purchase the latest item, and the next, and the next without spending a fortune!

The people who shop at My Linh Jewelry recognize quality jewelry, stunning designs, and fashionable statements all for a great price.


What is Electroplating?

Electroplating is the process of covering a base metal with a thin film of gold by setting it in a chemical solution through which an electric current flows to coat it with precious metal, thus giving it a protective coat.

My Linh Jewelry products are manufactured using a high quality process which includes gold electroplating.  Gold electroplating is a high quality method where gold is applied onto jeweler’s brass, the metal base of jewelry.  This special finishing process allows My Linh Jewelry to produce high quality jewelry with wearing qualities normally found with finer jewelry products!

Because our jewelry uses gold electroplating, you can wear it all the time. However, as with all jewelry, care is needed to keep your electroplated jewelry looking its finest.  Here are a few tips:

  • Electroplated jewelry will hold up best if not worn in water or sprayed with perfume, hairspray, lotion, makeup, etc.

  • Remove all jewelry prior to gardening, cleaning, and heavy lifting.

  • Chemicals in cosmetics, swimming pools and cleaning agents may damage electroplated jewelry

  • Store your electroplated jewelry away from anything with sulfur in it such as rubber bands, brown paper bags, or cooking fumes.

With My Linh Jewelry products, you can have the quality of expensive fine jewelry through the process of electroplating, an affordable way to keep your jewelry wearable.


What is Rhodium?        Back to the Top

Rhodium, a precious metal and a member of the platinum family, is an important advancement in the fashion jewelry industry. The My Linh Jewelry collection uses rhodium electroplating to provide a surface that will resist scratches and tarnish, and give an appearance like platinum.  The greatest advantage of rhodium to the consumer is that it will not tarnish or discolor, and since it is a harder substance, it is much less likely to get scratched.

As with all jewelry, it is vital to remember that rhodium finished pieces are still affected by everyday wear.  In order to keep your Rhodium finished jewelry looking fresh you should avoid certain activities that can harm your jewelry including cleaning with household products or gardening.  These actions, and others, will destroy your rhodium plating and cause a yellow tint to materialize on the white gold below.

However, if your jewelry does wear, it can be re-finished with rhodium at a neighborhood jeweler with little cost to you.  Additionally, taking care of your rings is essential, even more so than pendants and earrings. Pendants and earrings last longer because they are not open to the elements of your everyday life. Here are a number of guidelines to help you keep your rhodium plated jewelry stunning:

Do not use any abrasive cloths for polishing and do not rub your jewelry against any surface.  Be sure to you remove your jewelry during any work that requires you to use your hands excessively.

Keep your rhodium plated jewelry clean by using a mild soap or detergent and a little water.  Remember to rinse jewelry thoroughly and dry completely.

Do not use chemical cleaners to clean your rhodium plated jewelry.  Not only can it wear the rhodium easily but it can damage your jewelry beyond repair.  Instead try to steam clean your jewelry and always remember to read the label before trying a cleaning product.

With My Linh Jewelry products, you can have the appearance and feel of luxurious metals through the beauty of rhodium plated jewelry.


What is .925 Sterling Silver?        Back to the Top

Sterling Silver is a metal comprised of at least 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% alloy, hence the name .925 Sterling Silver.  Alloy is a combination of many metals including copper and nickel. My Linh Jewelry guarantees that our sterling silver products are manufactured at 92.5% sterling silver quality or better; reducing the amount of alloy in our jewelry or our finishes.


Can I wear my item while washing my hands (In the shower, etc.)?         Back to the Top

Yes, you can wear your jewelry while handling water, however we do suggest it.  Read more on caring for electroplated or rhodium jewelry.


Will my finger turn green from these rings?        Back to the Top

My Linh Jewelry offers the highest quality fashion jewelry available and in most cases our rings will not turn your finger green.  However, sometimes individuals with high acid levels in their skin or those allergic to alloys may experience green or black discoloration on their skin.  Another reason for skin discoloration maybe improper care; read more about caring for your jewelry.


What are the differences between gold karats, diamond carats, and CZ carats?        Back to the Top

Each one refers to the percentage or size of the material.  Gold karats are an indication of the percentage of pure gold in an item.  If you purchase an item with 24 karat gold then that item is 100% gold.  If you purchase an item that is 14 karat gold, then that item is 58.5% gold and the other percentage is alloyed.  Diamonds are different because a diamond carat is an indication of the weight of the diamond.  For example, if you purchase an item with a 1 carat diamond, then that diamond weighs 1/5th of a gram. Finally, Cubic Zirconia carats are relative to diamond carat sizes, not weight. For example if you purchase an item from My Linh Jewelry that has a 2 carat Cubic Zirconia, it means that that item is the same size as a 2 carat diamond, not the same weight.


What is Cubic Zirconia?        Back to the Top

Cubic Zirconia (CZ) are stones made of a synthesized material and have a close visual likeness to the diamond.  CZ stones are usually colorless but can be made in a variety of colors.  Not only have they been the only competition to diamonds since 1976, but amazingly, the main difference between CZ stones and diamonds besides the oblivious hardness and weight is that CZ is flawless and diamonds have some sort of defect. CZ stones can be cut into any shape or size and are available at an affordable cost.


Do your rings come in half sizes?         Back to the Top

Regrettably, fashion jewelry is not obtainable in half sizes.


Why do you offer nickel-free jewelry?        Back to the Top

My Linh Jewelry offers nickel-free jewelry because we understand that some of our customers have sensitive skin and allergic reactions to nickel.  We understand that nickel allergies are serious and can incur itching, redness, rashes, and even blisters from a simple skin contact.  We wanted to be sure our customers had options that were healthy, skin safe, and incredible.