Host a Jewelry Party

Love Jewelry?

Be a Hostess…

Why Not Host a Fun Girls’ Day Out and Earn Free Jewelry!!

Hosting a My Linh Jewelry Party is a unique way to entertain and reconnect with friends and family.   It’s easy and very rewarding!   What a great excuse to host a unique get together with your girlfriends and catch up while shopping the latest jewelry designs.   Indulge your guests in the latest fashion trends with a personal shopping experience at your home or office.

Hostess Benefits:

As a hostess you will never pay full price.   Hostess’ benefits allows you to earn free and half price products as well as discounted jewelry of your choice. The more your guests purchase, the more jewelry you earn. It’s fun and there is no limit to the amount of free jewelry you can earn!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1)   Choose your date to host a My Linh Jewelry party

Step 2)   Invite your guests - friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and make sure they attend

Step 3)   Make your jewelry wish list

Hostess Rewards

Party Sales           Rewards

$500 - $599           $100.00 in FREE Jewelry

$600 - $699           $125.00 in FREE Jewelry

$700 - $799           $150.00 in FREE Jewelry

$800 - $899           $175.00 in FREE Jewelry

$900 - $999           $200.00 in FREE Jewelry

     $1000 +             $250.00 & more in FREE Jewelry

Booking Bonuses

For each party that is booked by a guest at your party and held within 30 days after the date of your party, you will receive an additional $25 of free jewelry of your choice.

Amazingly Easy to Do and So Rewarding

Hosting a My Linh Jewelry party is the fastest way for you to build a beautiful jewelry wardrobe. Enjoy a personalized shopping experience in a relaxed atmosphere where you and your guests have fun playing dress-up with jewelry while shopping our extensive jewelry collection!  It’s like having a specialty shop in your own home.   There are no formal presentations and no pressure.  

We do all the work. All you have to do is provide us with guest information. We’ll send out the invitations and set up all the displays at the location of your choice.  There’s no fancy planning required and you’ll earn FREE jewelry.

You’ll find jewelry treasures to keep, and gorgeous, one-of-a-kind gifts to give! Your consultant will also offer free jewelry to all of your guests by talking about the rewards they can earn by hosting their own jewelry party.

My Linh Jewelry is the leading online source for high quality fashion jewelry at affordable prices. We carry the latest in trends as well as elegant designs manufactured with amazing quality. Our business is based on maintaining excellent customer service, which has enabled us to build up a large clientele of repeat customers.